Stimulating Health Innovation Collaborations
Inviting all public and private innovators/inventors to pitch


14 April 2016
noon to 9:00pm


University of Canberra
Ann Harding Conference Centre


In December 2015, ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr MLA, ACT Government, announced REALISE, a health innovation ecosystem designed for the ACT health innovation community. REALISE is designed to build a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, innovators, medical professionals and industry leaders, working together to improve healthcare. REALISE promotes collaboration within the health innovation community to bring new products and services to market.

group Canberra is recognised as one of Asia-Pacific’s cities of the future, due to the city’s business and investment strengths and continued support in health innovation from the ACT Government. Canberra’s strong position and the potential for growth in the healthcare and technology industry makes it an ideal location for building the REALISE health innovation ecosystem.

In the Financial Times’ ranking of the economic, financial and business strengths of cities in the Asia-Pacific region, Canberra ranked seventh in the Foreign Direct Investment category. The city also ranked fifth in the Human Capital & Lifestyle category, due to strengths and capabilities in R&D and professional, scientific and technical services. Two strong rankings in the competitive Asia-Pacific region demonstrates the success of the ACT Government’s investment promotion strategy and the enormous potential of Canberra’s health innovation industry.

The ACT Government plays a crucial role in developing Canberra’s potential as a knowledge-based economy. It is committed to creating an attractive business environment for R&D investment to stimulate the ACT’s economy and innovation industries now and in the future. Since being appointed Chief Minister, Andrew Barr MLA has visited China, Singapore and the United States to promote Canberra as an investment-ready city for the health sector. Success in supplying world-class skills and promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship makes Canberra an attractive city to invest in health enterprises. Being recognised as a city of the future in the Asia-Pacific is a strong vote of confidence for Canberra’s business community and economy.

The 2015-16 ACT Budget is delivering $11.75 million in new funding to support Confident and Business Ready: Building on Our Strengths, the ACT Government’s business development strategy, which will continue to grow the Canberra economy and create jobs. The REALISE project will assist delivering on these aspirations for the ACT Government and its contribution to a stronger Australian business environment stimulated by innovation and technology development.

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REALISE aims to:

Build an integrated two-tier health innovation ecosystem to support growth and success for ACT entrepreneurs and innovators with flow on beneficial outcomes for ACT economy. Tier 1 will be the networking of organisations physicallylocated within the ACT and Tier 2 will be networking ACT located organisations with external communities.

Build on current ACT health innovation capacity through practical initiatives and leverage CBR Innovation Network activities.

Help selected innovations get significantly closer to market via 12 months mentoring.

Strengthen, formalise and make vibrant existing ACT local health networks.

Build on the current ACT Health commercialisation and collaboration pathways.

Deliver Health Innovation Meet-Ups with guest speakers.

REALISE will use its two-tier health innovation ecosystem to help ACT entrepreneurs and innovators to identify, clarify, build and monetise their product or service as a final market offer. This will result in increased business activity, healthcare improvements and potential downstream effects on increased employment and economic growth.

Collaborations will be formed between ACT public and private health organisations, entrepreneurs, innovators and commercialisation educators and mentors. The REALISE ecosystem will provide support throughout the stages of entrepreneurship and commercialisation, building the foundations of a health innovation hub in the ACT. Economic benefits for the ACT include increased business confidence and visibility, leading to increased employment and industry growth.

REALISE promotes collaboration and industry growth by offering a mentorship and support network and regular industry events. The REALISE ecosystem encourages ACT entrepreneurs, technologists and innovators to accelerate the growth of their companies by collaborating within the ACT community (Tier 1) and externally with wider Australian and international networks (Tier 2). We encourage and invite entrepreneurs, innovators, technologists and industry leaders to participate and find out more at the REALISE website,

REALISE is pleased to recognize five healthcare technology companies who have recently joined the community. They are:

iQXGroup Ltd is an investment company and fund manager specialising in the life science sector, supporting physicians, scientists and entrepreneurs who are building innovation based businesses. iQX provides venture capital to early life sciences to fund the initial part of their journey and get them on their way. They typically invest post-discovery before the pre-clinical stage when the risk and cost is comparatively less.


Health Informatics Society Australia Ltd (HISA) is Australia’s peak body for the digital health community. From clinicians to clinicians and research to industry, Hisa fosters collaboration across the health ecosystem.


Spruson & Ferguson (Australia) is one of Australia’s leading intellectual property firms with more than 170 staff. They have been providing expert representation in all aspects of intellectual property since 1887. Their long history of specialisation has resulted in a robust infrastructure, supported by advanced systems and skilled individuals. Their team of patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and lawyers includes some of the most highly regarded professionals in the industry. Together with an associated law firm, Spruson & Ferguson Lawyers, they provide a fully integrated and comprehensive service for the protection, commercialisation, enforcement and management of all forms of intellectual property. They were the first Australian IP firm with a direct presence in Asia through Spruson & Ferguson (Asia) with regional offices in Singapore, Malaysia and China.


Safe Mate Pty Ltd is dedicated to helping save lives with innovative solutions. Safe Mate strongly believe that everyone should have a secure space online that is safely accessible by anyone in case of an emergency. Safe Mate wristbands quickly connect emergency response teams to your vital personal and medical information.


Hello Sunday Morning is a movement dedicated to a better drinking culture and helping people with alcohol issues lead better lives.


REALISE Canberra Health Innovation Meetup Group


Come along and meet other CBR innovators in health. We're here to help make Canberra the place for health innovators to succeed. We'll take it in turn to host get-togethers, where we will share ideas over a few drinks and food. Who Should Attend? Anyone with an interest in health innovation and commercialisation! All are welcome, and here are a few of the groups from our community: - Hospital, Allied Health and Ambulance Executives - IP Commercialisation Professionals - Researchers - Clinicians - Medical Support staff - Paramedic staff - Health Administration staff - Policy Makers - IP Governance staff - Investors and Advisors - Patent Attorneys - Lawyers - Students

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The event is made possible with assistance from the ACT Government under the CBR Innovation Development Fund



Location and Venue

University of Canberra - Ann Harding Conference Centre

Spend an inspiring time in the cultural and cosmopolitan city of Canberra


University of Canberra

Ann Harding Conference Centre Bldg 24

University Drive South BRUCE ACT 2617

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Hospital Intellectual Property Group Ltd

Project Lead: Dr Deborah Kuchler M: 0418 726622

Enquiries: Ms Tina Croker M: 0408 165 062

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